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the blasted bell

If you use vim for editing code, then when you enable the ideavim plugin on an intellij ide, you might notice a bell sound, the main situation when the bell occurs is when you're already in normal mode and then you try to enter normal mode again, (escape -> escape) is usually the culprit.

Also if you're deleting characters from the embedded terminal, when you've deleted all characters at the prompt, and you click delete again, you'll hear the familiar ringing, when holding delete this releases a barrage of bells ringing as the delete character is automatically repeated all major operating systems.

This seems minor, but for some reason on my computer the bell sound is absolutely horrific the bell itself seems to be a raw square wave that interrupts all audio on my system (background music), and is always extremely loud. My acquaintances know when they hear the bell emitted from my computer that I'm writing code.

To dwell more on the bell, a blogger around 2013 by the name of Jason Stillwel comments on the bell, giving the title For Whom The Bell Tolls on his site. The bell seems to annoy everyone, today, we silence the bell once and for all.

quickly now

The spell is simple, create `.ideavimrc` in your root directory with the following content:

set visualbell
set noerrorbells

Now restart your editor

Silencing the bell is nothing new, aside from Jason's incantations we also have a stack overflow post explaining how to. The reason why this page exists is that I believe in a decentralized web, where we can get information from many different sources.

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