computer configuration

This repository lists the tools that I would use to setup a computer, the tool will be for one of the following: (w)indows, (m)ac, (l)inux or (b)rowser.

Note that my software selection is motivated by selecting open source and minimal software when possible (especially on linux), though I make exceptions while running windows or mac.

operating systems

My preferred operating system depends on what my main goal is for the computer, for a custom built desktop computer, I generally go with windows as that let's me have the most options when it comes to games, music creation and gui programs, on low end systems or laptops prefer linux as it's lightweight and easy to setup for programming, finally I use a mac if it's given to me.

A page like this is useful when setting up a new computer, but is open to anyone who is looking for software for particular tasks, or just curious about what kind of tools I use.


If running windows be sure to remove any bloat:

physical setup


  • chair 16in off the ground
  • mouse pad 24in off the ground, close to right leg, slight downward elbow angle, keyboard symetrically on left
  • monitor 20in away from face


  • steelseries qck cloth mousepad large (450x400x2mm)
  • mouse with high DPI and poll rate using 30in per 360 in any game
  • any keyboard with decent switches
  • 144hz+ monitor at eye level
  • windows
    • 3 mouse sensitivity, mouse enhanced precision turned off (w)
  • linux
    • configure mouse sensitivity using my blog post on it


  • os: linux
  • color temperature: night mode (w,m built in), redshift (l)
  • trackball mouse
  • mech keyboard

general programs


  • htop, neofetch (l)


  • cloudirc (b)
  • discord (w, m, l)
  • email (b)

mouse settings

keyboard settings

  • swap escape and caps: power tools (w), `setxkbmap -option caps:swapescape` (l), keyboard modifiers in settings (m)





  • miktex - using princeton mirror for downloads




  • DAW: fl-studio (w) reaper,LMMS (l)
  • virtual midi cable: loopmidi (w, m, l)
  • jazz VST's: ample upright bass, pianoteq for keyboard vst
  • sheet music creation: musescore, lilypad
  • midi synth: surge-xt (l)
  • computer as midi device: anchor-keyboard (w,m,l)
  • audio file editor: audacity
  • metronome: gtick (l)
  • spotify


  • raster image editing: gimp (w, m, l)
  • vector image editing: inkscape (w, m, l)
  • pixel editor: asperite (w, m, l)
  • imagemagick

3d modelling

  • trenchbroom
  • blender
  • crocotile3d

content creation

downloading content

  • youtube-dl
  • httrack



  • c/c++
    • editor: vim (w, m, l)
    • build system generator: cmake (w, m, l)
    • build system: gcc (l), mingw (w)
    • formatting: clang-format
    • language server: clangd
    • documentation generator: doxygen (w, m, l)
  • godot
  • pycharm
  • vscode
  • visual studio
  • android studio
  • webstorm
  • github desktop (w, m, l)
  • git-bash (w, m, l)
  • nodejs (w, m, l)
  • athame
  • Websites:
    • (b)
    • regex testing (b)
    • documentation

video editing

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