My Solution to using a computer efficiently

For when you've figured out everything else except for the existance of the mouse

If you use a computer everyday, then the way you interact with it has a large impact on the amount of time spent on the computer. For example, if all you use your computer for is to check your emails and edit some documents, and you find that on average the amount of time you are spending on the computer is 2 hours per day, then this number is almost completely variable on how you interact with your computer.

In general, the faster you are at the mundane tasks of using a comptuer, then the less time you have to spend using your computer and the more time you have to think about what you're doing, in other words, increasing your Human Ratio

As you interact with a computer more, you might learn fast ways of inputting text and while you use the keyboard you see that you're reaching a plateau, while on the other hand some programs are making you literally remove one hand from the keyboard to interact with the program. I have seen this so often: you have someone who is able to use their computer almost completely through the keyboard at very high efficiency and then you throw a gui program at them and their efficiency lowers drastically, they might argue "But who needs gui programs", well they probably do if they at least browse the web, we are not at a point right now where editing an image through the commandline is going to be more efficent then with a mouse, maybe it is for very simple tasks like cropping or changing the color, but finding exact placements and looking at the result while editing is going to be hard.

There are some solutions, such as key nav which lets you warp your mouse around the screen by using the keyboard, as well as using keyboards similar to the ones you find on lenovo computers, aka: they have the trackpoint, but mechanical keyboards with trackpoints will break the bank, plus keyboards should focus on being keyboards and do that well not split 50% of the quality onto the mouse and 50% of the quality to the keyboard, if they are putting effort into a trackpoint on the keyboard, then that is effort that could have been used to make the keyboard itself better.

So what if you could keep your fingers on the homerow of the keyboard, while also having the abililty to use the mouse and not have to buy a new special keyboard or learn a total new way of controlling the mouse? Well now you can with this!

spiky mouse

Oops, I mean:

spiky mouse

Before I put rubber over the pins it felt like that sometimes, now it is fine.

How does this work?

What will you need

What to do


The hardware side

The software side

The program is not perfect, if you see any way to improve it please send me an email (find it on the main page) or make a pull request with the change!

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